Small Business Blog Ideas 2022

Are you planning of starting your very own small business blog this year? If yes, then I'm happy for you and am looking forward to your growth! I remember when I was starting, it took me a long while in the planning process because there were a lot of options and I'm not sure what kind of niche I will be comfortable writing about. I figured this will be the same case for most of the aspiring business bloggers today that is why in this article, I decided to share with you seven small business blog ideas that you may consider this 2022!

But first, let us define what a business blog is and why it is important to niche down. A business blog, in its essence, is an archive of online information that seeks to target a particular group of people. It becomes a business when the owner implements strategies like offering online products or services, affiliate marketing, and paid advertisements or sponsorships. What makes niching down important in the process of building a business blog is that it lets you focus on one particular area of expertise, maximize your marketing strategies to target your specific audience, and be better in providing value to their lives. The following are some small business blog ideas that will help you consider what kind of value can you offer to your audience this 2022.

1. Finance

This pandemic surely taught a lot of people the value of money. Whether it's about their savings, investments, or even their income, money has been one of the most common topics during conversations. People are now interested in financial literacy and management. If you choose to build a finance blog, you can further niche down into subcategories like cryptocurrency, budgeting, savings and retirement, investing, and many others.

2. Technology

Tech blogs and vlogs had always been popular even before the pandemic. Perhaps, the ever-changing technological landscape drives people's interest on technology thus making it a very viable niche for your business blog. If you are a tech expert or have a background on software and technology, you can opt to share your expertise in your blog. On the other hand, aspiring business blogger who are no that fluent in technology-related topics may opt to hire writers or focus on doing tech reviews instead.

3. Business 

What other way to be literal in building a business blog than to actually talk about business stuff in it, right? The good thing about having business as your niche is that there are a lot of topics to choose from and you can directly make your own experience and expertise as a business person as input to your blog. If you are thinking on niching down further, you can cover topics under subniches like marketing, startups, management, sales, freelancing, and entrepreneurship.

4. Beauty and Lifestyle

Most women (and even men) bloggers who are in this niche usually talk about makeup, skincare, fashion, fitness, and lifestyle. Perhaps, the reason why a lot of them venture into this particular area of blogging is because there are, in fact, a lot of people in the market who are also into these stuff. Some of the topics you can choose to talk about are product reviews, fitness and exercise, makeup and skincare tutorials, fashion trends, and tips and tricks on beauty and fashion.

5. Food and Nutrition

This is also one of the most popular niches even before the pandemic. A lot of people resort to the internet whenever they need recipe ideas or even if they have health concerns. Building a blog about food and nutrition may be expensive in the long run unless you are actually working in the food and nutrition industry or if you have connections and is a resourceful person. However, if you are really passionate to pursue this niche, you can cover topics like restaurant and product reviews, baking and cooking tips, recipe sharing, diet tips, and healthy eating.

6. Travel

If you are a travel geek and is somehow hooked into photography, this niche may be for you. Talking about travel and building a business out of it should not just be about your travel goals because you have to consider the wanderlust of your target audience. Your goal here is to help them be in places they dream to go to. You can publish reviews on hotels, restaurants, and resorts. You can feature specific landmarks or countries. You can also share your own experiences and offer some travel tips and life hacks. There are certainly a lot of ways to grow a travel blog and what makes it great is that there are also a lot of ways to monetize it.

7. Writing

Last but not the least, aspiring business blogger who are into writing or have background in writing can opt to build their very own writing blog. This may sound silly since blogging is almost synonymous to writing so why should someone write about writing isn't it? However, writing blogs actually hold relevance in the online world since A LOT of people need writing tips and ideas, or even a writing service itself. Therefore, when you build your writing blog, you can choose to offer your services as well aside from the basic information you publish in your blog regularly.


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