Let me guide you on how to make the most out of your ad spaces, build an AdSense account,  and start running advertisements to earn passively.

What is Google AdSense and how does it work?

If you own a website or blog for business purposes and is earning internally from the product or service that you sell, then you may start thinking of extending your earning opportunities with Google AdSense. 

AdSense connects online advertisers to publishers who own websites, blogs, or YouTube channels. Such sites and channels are ad spaces for advertisements where you can earn depending on the amount of click or impression the ads get in your platform. 

Website owners and video content creators sign up for a Google AdSense account and connect it to their platforms. Google has an automated auction system which selects the most suitable and highest-bidding ads for your website or channel depending on the kind of content you publish.

What is good about Google AdSense aside from the opportunity it gives you to get paid is that you can have control over the number of ads which can appear in you site and where they should be placed.

Signing up for an AdSense account can be easy for established content creators but for those who are just starting out, be sure to follow policies in order to meet their criteria. Approval of  accounts may take 24 hours to two weeks depending on your status.

Basically, you should be in legal age and is the declared owner of your website or channel. Your website and channel must then comply with Google content policies, is at least six months old, have enough traffic, and has no history of abusive experiences (fake messages, etc.)

Running ads with Google AdSense Starter Pack

What are the things you need to start earning with Google AdSense?


Your website, blog, or YouTube channel will house the ad spaces for the advertisements. In order for your account to get approved, your website or channel should meet the criteria laid down by Google AdSense. The kind of advertisements that will appear on your site or channel will be based on your niche and the kind of content you publish.

Google AdSense Account

Signing up for an account will require you to have a Google mail account and a phone number, including your postal code. You should also meet the criteria they have in order to get your account approved. Once approved, you can now connect your account to your website or channel and customize the appearance of ads in it.

Earn with Google AdSense: Step-by-Step Process

Earning from the advertisements you run in your website or channel is made easier by Google AdSense. Here's how you can start:

Build a website or channel

Advertisements from online advertisers through Google AdSense can be placed on websites, blogs, and YouTube channels. The type of ads that will appear on your site will depend on the content you publish.

Sign up for a Google AdSense account

In order for your site to be accredited and monetized, you have to sign up for a Google AdSense account. Here, you will need a Google mail account and a phone number or postal code. There are specific standards you need to satisfy before your account gets approved so be sure to check them out.

Connect your website/channel to AdSense

Once you already have an account, you can now paste an ad code on your site and customize the places where you want them to appear. Google will automatically select ads suitable for your site or channel.

Get Paid

Online advertisers who bid for the ad spaces you won are billed by Google. The commission you earn per click or impression from their ads will then be generated in to your account.

Types of AdSense Ads

Text Ads

Text ads contain a title, a short description, and a link that will direct the one who clicked it to the site.

Display Ads

Display ads normally appear in web pages and can be in the format of a horizontal, vertical, or banner ads.

Reach Media Ads

Rich media ads are interactive and take the form of an image, a video, or an Html.

How much can you earn with AdSense?

Publishers who own a Google AdSense account do not have the same amount of regular earnings. How much you earn will depend on your niche. The competition and Cost Per Click (CPC) varies per niche.

This 2021, some of the most profitable niches in the US (according to Code Fuel) include insurance, online education, marketing and advertising, attorney, and internet and telecommunication.

With AdSense, you will get paid by Google per every click on your ads. However, since Google has a commission for this, you will technically get 51% to 68% of the original payment from the advertiser.

You can get your payment every month as long as you reach the $100 quota (or more). You can opt to get paid directly to your bank account or receive a check from Google.

Start earning with Google AdSense now!

Let me guide you on how to make the most out of your ad spaces, build an AdSense account, and start running advertisements to earn passively.




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