Let me guide you on how to build, grow, and monetize your blog so you can also earn more while adding value to the lives of your readers.

What is Business Blogging and how does it differ from other ways of blogging?

If you are a beginner blogger who is still on the planning point of your journey, you might be wondering why  a lot of digital entrepreneurs start blogging for business and how do they earn from "merely" publishing posts that readers may not actually be interested about. 

But the thing is, blogging for business takes more than just merely writing posts and publishing them. More so, the key to earning as a blogger is to actually writing posts that are relevant for your readers because the truth is, they actually read your posts.

There are about 600 million blogs all over the internet and about 6.9 million posts are being published every day. Blogs are now becoming a key part of any marketing strategy and are used to earn money by individuals, groups of people, and businesses.

Essentially, business blogging is launching a business blog to grow a business by means of using it as a way to establish an online presence, widen brand awareness, and generate leads. This applies to brands and businesses who also have an active blog in their websites. 

There are also individuals who launch their personal blogs not for the sake of earning money but simply for using it as an outlet and a human diary. Here, the kind of blogging we will be talking about is the use of a monetized blog as your sole source of income. Yes, having a blog and publishing posts in it can make you earn money. You just have to do it the right way. Who knows, yours might be one of the 600 million - visited and trusted by 60% of internet users who are regular blog readers.

Business Blogging Starter Pack

What are the things you need to start blogging for business?

An Expertise

If you want to be a successful blogger and earn from your blog, you have to market yourself as the brand. You are not selling a product or a service - you are selling your expertise. Starting a blog on a niche you are expert in will give you the leverage you need among your competitors and make you credible in the perspective of your audience. Besides, you can not give what you don't have.


Professional business blogging is not free. This means that once you invest in blogging, you are investing both your time and money. It will take you hours to build your blog, to write posts, to strategize and implement your strategies, to engage with your audience. More so, it may take you months and years to grow your blog and actually earn from it. The digital tools and platforms you will need for the establishment and maintenance of your blog will also require you to spend money. Therefore, you should be willing to lose some.


Starting a blog without a vision in mind is like building a castle on sand. You are not up for something permanently. If you want to stay long in the industry and stay strong amidst challenges which you may face along the way, you have to stick to your well-founded goals. Every step and decision you will make should be based on these goals as they will guide you on how far you've come and how much you still have to persevere on.

Business Blogging: Step-by-Step Process

Building a blog does not only take a single click. In fact, the whole blogging journey just starts from the launching of the blog. You still have to grow, maintain, and monetize it. Here's how you can start building your own: 

Choose your niche.

Your niche will dictate the kind of information you will publish in your blog. Therefore, it should be related to your expertise, to your passion, and to the kind of information people in your target market are looking for.

Set up your blog's domain and web hosting needs.

The domain and name of your blog should be attention-seeking and memorable but not too long and too complicated. Normally, you have to pay for the domain and web-hosting services for your blog.

Choose a blogging platform/content management system

There are a lot of blogging platforms in the internet but personally, I would recommend WordPress to be the content management system of your choice. It's not just user-friendly, but it's also affordable and a home to a lot of professional options for your blog.

Customize your blog

The design and structure of your blog should match your niche. You should pick a theme that is sleek and professional. Moreover, you can opt to install useful plugins to make your blog more versatile and professional-looking.

Publish relevant content

Your content will be the blood of your blog. Its success will be the kind and quality of content that you publish. Therefore, you should invest in your writing skills, be a master of SEO, and do something regularly to widen and improve your expertise.

How to grow and monetize your blog?

You won't earn from blogging unless you grow and monetize your blog.  They key to successfully having a blog that is growing and monetized is to be valuable - give value to your audience through your expertise and your content.

Growing your blog requires you to focus on three things: content, SEO, and promotion. You have to publish the kind of content that is relevant to your niche and to your audience. Even if writing is not your forte, you can still publish well-written posts if you strategize on how you outline your content. You can also take time to improve your writing skills or hire help from skilled content writers.

Conforming to SEO requirements will also improve your blog and elevate your posts in the search rankings. People who are looking for the specific information in your post will access it easily, driving more traffic to your blog or website. Lastly, promoting your blog in other blogs or even in social media will do the same and may even lead you to building connections with other people in the industry.

Meanwhile, you can monetize your blog in different ways. You can accept advertising and sponsored posts, implement affiliate links, offer online courses, sell products and services, or be an expert consultant in your chosen niche.

Start blogging for business now!

Let me help you build, grow, and monetize your website so you can also earn more while adding value to the lives of your readers.




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