Let me guide you on how to implement affiliate links into your website successfully so you can also earn more while adding value to the lives of your readers.

What is affiliate marketing and how does it work?

If you ever wondered why advertisements and links that direct you to a product or service are present in websites you visit, then the answer might be because the owner of those websites are affiliates.

Affiliates are third-party publishers who promote products and services from companies in their respective platforms in order to earn a commission or incentive. This kind of advertising technique is called affiliate marketing. Brands and businesses launch affiliate programs to generate sales in a cost-effective manner. 

Content creators who own blogs or channels then apply for such programs and use it as another way to earn. They run banner ads or text ads, implement links, or send e-mails to possible leads who may purchase the product or avail the service being promoted. 

Affiliates can get a commission either for every sale or every click/impression. Then, they get paid either through a one-time or recurring payment.

Affiliate Marketing Starter Pack

What are the things you need to start being an affiliate marketer?

Affiliate Program

In order to be a credited affiliate of a certain brand or company, you have to sign up for their affiliate program. An affiliate program is an arrangement between you as the third-party publisher and the company where you agree to recommend their products in your platform to get a commission in return. 

Affiliate Network

Aside from affiliate programs, you can also join an affiliate network where you can access a lot of affiliate programs easier. Affiliate networks connect advertisers who offer affiliate programs and third-party publishers who want to sign up for them and earn.

Affiliate Blog or Channel

Affiliate marketers are usually bloggers, website owners, social media influencers, or YouTube content creators. In order to successfully implement affiliate links or ads, you have to own a platform or channel where you can place them. Potential customers usually try products and services from people they trust -  those who also publish content in the same niche.

Affiliate Marketing: Step-by-Step Process

Being an affiliate marketer takes more than just spreading links across your blog or channel. Here's how you can start your affiliate marketing career:

Launch an affiliate blog or channel

Your blog, website, social media accounts, or YouTube channel will serve as the platform where you will implement the links and run ads in order to promote the service or product of your merchant.

Sign up for an affiliate program or join an affiliate network

You have to sign up for an affiliate program or join an affiliate network in order to get credited as an affiliate of your chosen brand or company.

Implement affiliate links in your blog or channel

Once you are already a certified affiliate, you can now publish related content in the niche of your choice. How you write or produce content will depend on you but you have to make sure that you are effectively and successfully implementing links and running ads across your posts. 

How to choose a good affiliate program or network?

If you are already an established content creator who wants to be an affiliate marketer, then finding suitable affiliate programs or network may be easier since you just have to depend on the niche you are in. However, if you will just be starting your own platform and is planning to be an affiliate at the same time, you may have more things to consider in choosing a good program or network to join to.

The most common types of affiliate programs are technology/web-based. eCommerce, travel, finance, fitness, and fashion. No matter what you choose to venture in, make sure you consider these things:

First, you have to choose a program that matches your chosen niche or a network that will connect you to a lot of merchants under it. Your audience will not expect you to recommend products or services that are not related to the kind of content that you publish.

Second, you have to review the policies of a specific program you want to sign up for. Programs should be free and you should not pay any amount to be an affiliate unless they are a scam. You have to make sure that you understand the terms and conditions so that the arrangement will be smooth and long-lasting.

Lastly, be practical and choose a merchant who pays high. Besides, you are applying to be an affiliate in order to earn so you have to make sure that the work you will put in will be well-incentivized.

Start affiliate marketing now!

Let me guide you on how to implement affiliate links into your website successfully so you can also earn more while adding value to the lives of your audience.




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