Does Turo Take Prepaid Cards?

Are you someone who regularly avail car rental services and want to try Turo this time around but doesn't have a credit card or is not comfortable storing personal payment information online? If yes, then you might be wondering if Turo accepts prepaid cards or you might wanna know what other payment methods they offer. Well, you don't have to search no more because this article will answer those questions for you.

Travelling into other places and availing services, whether online or not, usually require you a credit or debit card for payment purposes. However, most people who do not yet own a credit or debit card (especially those who just turned 18) or those who are not comfortable storing their personal payment information across apps and websites rely on prepaid cards for flexibility and safety. Prepaid cards are indeed helpful and reliable when it comes to settling online payments like renting cars online for travel or business purposes. In the case of Turo, however, using prepaid cards may not be the best choice for you. Let's find out why.

What is Turo?

If you are a regular customer of car rental services, you might have heard about Turo already. Formerly known as RelayRides, Turo is one of the most popular car rental services in the US that allows private car (and trucks or other large vehicles) owners to offer their vehicles for rent to those who are in need of car rental services. Clients can avail these services through Turo's mobile application or website. It is available not just in the US, but also in Canada, UK, and Germany. 

What makes Turo better compared to other car rental companies or services is its affordability, variety, and accessibility. You can look for cheaper options in Turo because they have a wide variety of car types and you can choose your desired level of insurance. They are also more accessible in terms of age since they allow clients who are under 25 (but should be at least 18) to avail car rental services.

How to rent a car using Turo?

Another thing that makes Turo a good choice is that availing their services is hassle-free and their platforms are user-friendly. All you have to do in order to start is to download their mobile application from Play Store or App Store and you're good to go.

Sign up for an account

If you are a new user, signing up for an account in Turo will require you to have an email or Facebook account. You can sign in using your Google of Facebook. Providing your personal information is not required yet unless you decide to book a car.

Choose the right car for you

Before browsing through your options, you will have to enter your location so you can choose among the available cars in your city, airport, or address and sort them depending on your needs or travel dates. The filters in their application will help you choose the right vehicle for you - whether its manual or automatic - and they even have choices for electric cars, vans, and even trucks.

Check other considerations

As a client, you may have your own considerations when it comes to choosing the car. In the same way, hosts are also given the right to negotiate their own demands with regards to how they want their cars to be rented. Some of the things you may want to consider and ensure are total distance and time hosts allow their car to be rented, the reviews and rating of the car host, the type of insurance you want to avail, and most importantly, the guidelines provided by the hosts.

Book and Pick up

Once you already have a car in mind, simply follow the booking procedures in their app. You can choose between Book Instantly which allows you to rent the car even without the host's approval or Regular Booking which requires it. Select your pick up and return location (in case you don't opt for it to be delivered to you). Add extras, fill in your personal information, choose your insurance, fill in your payment information, and then message the car owner to inform them of your travel details.

Does Turo accept prepaid cards?

Let's get this straight. Does Turo accept prepaid cards? Yes and No. Basically, the platform only accepts major credit and debit cards as well as payments made via Google Pay (for those in the US and Canada) and Apple Pay (for those in the US). However, those who are subscribed for Revolut services may use their prepaid cards as long as they are availing car rentals under Turo in countries supported by Revolut.

What is a Revolut prepaid card?

Turo accepts payments made via a prepaid card only if it is a Revolut prepaid card. Revolut is a digital bank that offers an app-based platform providing their subscribers a digital wallet and MasterCard. Having a Revolut prepaid card allows you to make payments online and abroad through their mobile application. You can cash in by connecting it to your bank account or using your own credit card if you have one. Subscribers should be at least 18 years of age and are legal residents of UK, France, Germany, and other European countries.

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Other Payment Methods

If you would like to avail car rental services under Turo but is not subscribed to Revolut, you definitely cannot use their prepaid card. However, you may opt to settle your payment via credit card, including American Express and Discover cards. You can also use Visa and Master Debit Cards linked to a checking account. If you are from the US you can pay via Google Pay (also available for those on Canada) or Apple Pay.


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