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Do TikTok Testers Get Paid?

Just like any physical product in the market, the social media platforms that we patronize and their features are being tested before actual launch. One of the most popular social media platform today that regularly conducts updates on its application is TikTok. 

For sure, you have already heard of it or even downloaded the app on your phone. Besides, who won't get hooked with those short and entertaining videos who probably gave life to the quarantine days we spent this pandemic, right?

TikTok is indeed a popular platform for all ages nowadays. It offers a variety of content from creators all over the world. In fact, it has 1 billion monthly active users as of 2022 according to backlinko.com. That is 20.83% of the total number of internet users worldwide. 

Such popularity urges the people behind this application to continuously improve user-experience by "hiring" testers. But do these "hired" TikTok testers actually get paid? Is it possible to earn by being one? Let's find out in this blog!

What are TikTok testers?

Can you remember some feature updates on your favorite social media applications that you liked and you did not? For those in the latter list, I'm sure you kind of thought that maybe the developers just randomly decided to launch them and you are just one among the many users who got disappointed. But the thing is, they actually did the testing and they have people for that. Every single update and new features you have in your TikTok application has been tested by what we call TikTok testers. They use the beta version of the application which allows them to have access on present, experimental, and future features so they can try it out and give their feedback to the developers regarding the user experience. Essentially, TikTok testers are those whose opinions shape the kind of user experience we get to have as common users of the platform.

How to be a TikTok Tester?

Being a TikTok tester is not that hard of a job. In fact, I think it would be cool to have prior access to the features and updates of your favorite social media platform and help develop its user experience. If you are passionate with social media, video-sharing platforms, and app development, then maybe, you would want to try being a TikTok tester. Want to become one? Here's how:

Download the TikTok app from the app store or if you already have one on your phone, simply open it.

Make an account by signing up or if you already have one, simply log-in to your account.

Go to your profile by tapping the me icon on the bottom right corner of your page.

Go to the privacy and settings page by tapping on the three vertical dots in the top right corner of your profile page.

Look for the "Join TikTok Testers" option in your privacy and settings menu and click it. Sign in so you can officially join TikTok testers.

Wait for your app to be updated into the Beta version. You can now start your task as an offical TikTok tester.

Do they get paid?

I know this is the part you came here for so I'm gonna give you a direct answer on this question. No, TikTok Testers DO NOT get paid by joining the Beta program. I know it's kind of disappointing to know that this is not a profitable online hustle but take note, being a TikTok tester is purely voluntary. Besides, the task is kind of fun and exciting. Plus, you get to help develop and improve the app we all enjoy so users like you can have a better user experience in the future. You do not only get to have a sneak peak on all experimental and future feature updates but you also get to have a say on how your favorite platform can be improved for the better.

How to get paid in TikTok?

Now, if being a TikTok tester will not help you make money, what will? Well, there are a lot of other ways to use the platform as a side hustle aside from merely enjoying it as an ordinary user. You can either join the TikTok Creator Fund, sell products to your followers, create sponsored content, earn revenue from TikTok ads, accept virtual gifts during live videos, manage the TikTok accounts of brands and businesses, manage influencer campaigns, offer management services for creators, implement affiliate links on your posts, promote music tracks, become a brand ambassador, or join the TikTok's Creator Marketplace. 

It's such a long list isn't it? But whichever path you choose to take, always remember that the best way to earn in any platform is to work smart and hard.


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